The Wealth Management Model

Stirling House Partners are Wealth Management Professionals specialising in mainstream investment propositions tailored to Client’s Attitude to Risk and Capacity for Loss. However, they are fully independent insofar as Mortgages and Life Cover solutions are concerned.

All Stirling House Advisers are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as opposed to being representatives of a Network. The Financial Services Register is available to check the status of all financial advisers and view their “Principal” which should read “none” if they are directly authorised.

The Stirling House Approach to Wealth Management is delivered by Professional Financial Advisers who are collectively termed The Stirling House Partnership this being the marketing term we use to describe equity owning representatives of the Company. Our Wealth Management Partners own shares in varying degrees, usually determined by a combination of turnover and length of service. Partners of Stirling House – as owners of the company – participate in its operation, share value, dividends and Retirement Plan.

It is probably fair to say that The Stirling House Partnership is a group of Wealth Management professionals who have decided to run their own business as a true collective. It is for this simple reason that the servicing company, Stirling House Financial Services Ltd, is not-for-profit. After all, why would one charge oneself a fee to make a profit out of oneself?

That said, each Wealth Management Partner pays a bespoke retention percentage built around their individual circumstances. Becoming a Wealth Management Partner requires a Member to buy into the company. At this time, the only way an existing Member IFA or Mortgage Broker can participate in being a co-owner of Stirling House is to be personally invited to do so by a Partner.  Becoming a Stirling House Partner is therefore on an invitation-only basis and not mandatory.