Contact Details

There are a variety of ways for you to contact Stirling House.  Whilst there are several offices around the UK & Northern Ireland, the details below are our centralised details which you may find more convenient.

For personal visits, please use the SatNav Post Code, not the Postal Address (which is a PO Box number set up to deal with volume mail).

Stirling House do not operate a Premium Call Line, so using our 0845 number is charged at your local rate unless you are using a mobile phone.  Mobile phone users are probably better advised to use our 01684 number.

Postal Address
Stirling House Financial Services Ltd
Administration Centre
PO Box 268
WR14 9DD

SatNav Address
Stirling House Financial Services Ltd
Malvern View
Blackmore Park Road
WR13 6NN

Tel: 0845 68 68 268
(Non-Premium Local Call Rate, Mobiles will vary)

Tel: 01684 312600
(Standard Rate Suitable for Mobiles)

Administration Centre
Commissions & Fees
Compliance & Verification Unit
Information Technology
New Business
Technical Information & Advice Centre

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