About Us

– To us you are more than “Just a Number”

Stirling House was founded in 2003 when a group of Financial Advisers joined together to form a Partnership. The aim of the Partnership was to share resources and to deliver high quality and cost-efficient support services to the membership of Financial Advisers.

Having a firm created and operated by Advisers means that we have a clear understanding of your needs, your expectations and are able to create the ideal environment for you to flourish.

Advisers that join Stirling House often refer to us as an extension to their family as we recognise that you are more than just a number but rather a key part to our success. We share a common goal which is to help you achieve your business aspirations and with this focus we strive to deliver valuable and dedicated support to each of our Members.

Stirling House is not an IFA network, but rather a national advisory firm and all of our members are directly authorised and regulated by the FCA in their own right.

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