New Adviser Enquiries – Why us?

The services provided by the majority of IFA Networks and IFA support companies share many similarities. This usually results in uniform base costs for Advisers across the industry. Whilst some offerings will start with a basic entry cost and, depending on your specific requirements, the need to purchase add-ons, Stirling House provide a fully comprehensive suite of services set at a competitive level with no hidden extras.

Our aim is to provide you with a more enhanced and more personalised service at a cost which is attractive to you. Stirling House Partners also have the ability to gradually reduce retention costs – in some cases to zero – depending on individual business levels.

We appreciate that cost and achieving value is an important factor, however the key to helping you and your business succeed is in the support that you receive. This is where we believe Stirling House can make a difference to Advisers joining us.

Our question is,

“Why Join a Network when you can Join Forces?”

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