Information Technology

Back Office System
The Stirling House back-office system used by our Members is simple and effective. Powered by True Potential, it is at the cutting edge of technology enabling automatic payments of income and renewals on a daily basis.

Applications are submitted on line so that the process is practically paper-free. Members may also give Clients access to their portfolios for instant online valuations if required.

All of our Members are supplied with a VoIP telephone service which enables the benefit of FREE telephone calls via our central communications centre. This allows us to provide Members with a virtual receptionist that is operated from our head office in Welland and ensures that whenever you are unavailable, your Client calls will always be answered.

Direct IT Support
Our IT specialists are always on hand to assist you when required. So if you are experiencing problems with your hardware or software then we are just a phone call away. If required we can also access your pc or laptop remotely to help resolve any issues that you are experiencing.

Technician Remote Access

Member Use Only

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