The Wealth Management Model

Stirling House Partners are Wealth Management Professionals specialising in mainstream investment propositions tailored to Client’s Attitude to Risk and Capacity for Loss. Partners are fully independent insofar as Commercial Mortgages and Life Cover solutions are concerned.

All Stirling House Advisers are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as opposed to being representatives of a Network. The Financial Services Register is available to check the status of all financial advisers and view their “Principal” which should read “none” if they are directly authorised.

The Stirling House Approach to Wealth Management is delivered by Professional Financial Advisers who are collectively termed The Stirling House Partnership  – this being the marketing term we use to describe representatives who have a special relationship with the Company.

It is probably fair to say that The Stirling House Partnership is a group of Wealth Management professionals who have decided to run their own business as a true collective. It is for this simple reason that the servicing company, Stirling House Financial Services Ltd, is not-for-profit when applied to a Partner’s mandatory overheads.

The question at this point might be, “What does not-for-profit” actually mean? Quite simply, each Partner only pays into the collective their mandatory operational costs such as FCA Fees and PI Cover – no more, no less.  However, every Financial Adviser who joins The Partnership not only operates in a not-for-profit environment – itself an attractive proposition – but are furnished with additional unique benefits. Naturally, becoming a Wealth Management Partner to enjoy these priveledges is on an invitation-only basis and not mandatory.